Why You Should Consider Fasting – Fasting Increases Health

Why in the world would you not want to eat this is what people say to me when I tell them that I do fasting and intermittent fasting so in today’s video I’m going to discuss some of the reasons why you do want to consider doing fasting hi everyone my name is Stephanie from fast-track to health wellness center if you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing so I can keep you up to date on the latest in natural health wellness and weight loss so in today’s video I do want to talk about some of the reasons and benefits why you want to consider both fasting or intermittent fasting the difference between the two generally means the time period that you’re doing the restricted eating in any case there are benefits to not eating all of the time and first and foremost I want to say that it is very safe and not only effective but you’re not going to die without food so that’s the first thing I just want to bring up one of the main reasons that people do fasting nowadays is for weight loss and yes it is a great way to help with weight loss one of the mechanisms is by fasting long enough your body will automatically go into a state of nutritional ketosis so when this occurs your body will switch from burning glucose to burning your fat stores and use ketones as its source of energy so this is a very quick way to get your body to start burning fat more efficiently so that’s one main reason that people are doing fasting but like I said there are other reasons for it me personally one of the reasons I like to do it a lot is for the reparative therapeutic benefits and once you get past about 24 hours you stimulate something called a tapa G where your body goes in and repairs old things replaces proteins and sort of just cleans out and heals things so that’s a really major benefit now there are people who do go beyond 72 hours for fasting and that’s usually for the weight loss part but like I said the he benefit alone is very dramatic so for digestive issues for example it’s a really great way to heal because if your body’s not breaking down food all the time it can use its energy towards repairing things in especially in the digestion and a lot of people nowadays have problems with digestion so another reason is to help with blood sugar issues so one of the main reasons that we have an obesity epidemic is because of problems with insulin we’re eating all the time we’re eating too many carbs etc etc so insulin resistance is a big problem so fasting helps by lowering your insulin and allowing your body to become more sensitive to insulin again so this again is a very big benefit for fasting is to help with blood sugar issues another good reason for it is to help decrease inflammation and this is part of the healing process and then even over time it can help with your body’s stress mechanisms now and initially it actually puts your body into somewhat of a stressed State because your cortisol will be rising when you’re fasting initially but the more you practice it and more you do it over time you’re actually starting to heal those kinds of mechanisms and the stress part will get better another good reason is for longevity so there are studies that show that fasting can improve longevity and help with aging and also help with skin lots of reasons to do it right there in and of itself okay increases human growth hormone so this is really big if you’re trying to maintain muscle mass and you’re trying to again live longer for longevity increasing HGH is a natural consequence of fasting so instead of taking expensive growth hormone which is very hard to get anyway you can increase your growth hormone naturally by just doing some fasting so that’s another great benefit of it so if these reasons alone aren’t enough I don’t really know what else I can tell you guys but for me this is a a lot of benefits here in and of themselves so I hope this was helpful and I hope you’re not afraid to try fasting start out slow do whatever works best for you let me know in the comments what you’ve already tried what’s working for you what I know about your experience is with fasting so if you haven’t already subscribed please do so and I will keep you posted in more videos about fasting alright thank you so much and take care you

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