Yusha Evans Just to give you a little personal experience, I don’t like to put my personal stories in, but just to let you know it works. I’ve tried it many times. I had a job, when I first moved to Florida, was a new Muslim, had left South Carolina, and was trying to gain knowledge of my deen. And the only job I could take was a crazy construction job in Florida, in the summertime, 90 degrees (F) outside man, 95 degrees (F) with the humidity, like, 87%. Outside dying man. I’m not made for this type of stuff, but I was doing it, because this is the only job I can find, and I know that Allah will take care of me. I went on Friday, and told my boss, “Look, I gotta go to Jumma. I gotta go. I’m gonna take a long lunch today, but I’ll stay late.” He was like, “Nah, man.

There’s no leaving. You don’t leave this worksite.” I’m like, “Look, this is my religious obligation. I have to go to Jumma on Friday.” He was like, “Look, if you leave the job, then you’re fired.” I said, “Well, I’ll see you in two weeks to get my check.” I’m out, and I left. I just left. And I said to myself, “Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakil.” Allah is sufficient for me, man. I don’t need, no, I’m not going to violate my deen because I think I need something from the dunya. So I left, went to Jumma. Not knowing how I’m going to get another job. Not knowing how I’m going to take care of myself. I went to Jum’ah. And I was leaving Jumma, and I make the du’a, one of ones that Rasul said it is never unheard from Allah , I made one of those.


So, “Ya Allah, my welfare is in your hands.” I walked outside of Jumma. And there was a brother who had just come from Palestine, a Syaikh. One of the most knowledgeable brothers I’ve ever met in my entire existence. And he owned a pizza shop in Al-Quds, in Jerusalem. And he came here to open up a pizza shop, and establish his family here because of the fitna in Jerusalem at the time.

And he came up to me asked, what he said, “Brother Yusha, do you have a job right now?” I said, “Actually no. I just quit today.” He said, “Well, I need somebody to work for me.” And he hired me on the spot, and he gave me double what I was making at the construction job. And this is just one instance about a thousand that I could give you, of how when you put your trust in Allah , he never ever lets you down. Because if He let me down, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing right now. I abandoned 3-4 martial arts school I had running in full time in Florida, going well off, had more of the dunya than I know what to do with, and left it, knowing what Allah …

Had for me to do, this was for me to do. I knew this was my calling. I needed to tell these people about Islam in this country that I’m from. And Allah has never had me to worry about anything, ever. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamiin. When we begin the think like this, that we want to please Allah more than anything else, then Allah will look at us, and begin to love us again.

He’ll begin to love us again. And when He begins to love us again, our Rasul said that the Muslim does good actions so much, until Allah loves him. And then when Allah loves him, He would tell the angels nearest to Him, “I love so and so, so you love them.” And those angels will communicate that down to all of creation until the entire creation begin to love this person. This what our Rasul had. This is what the Sahaba had. And this is why the whole world was given to them. Because the creation loved them, because even the non-Muslims whose countries they conquered loved them so much, that when they decided to leave and try to hand the governorship back over to the people, that people would beg them to stay, and adopt the deen of their conquerors in mass, until the entire world was willingly under laa ilaa ha illalah muhammad rasulullah.


Because these Muslims put their priorities in place. Allah came first, everything else came second. My job came second, the dunya comes second, the family comes second, your children come second. .

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